Gas Analyzer Multitec 545

Special features of the Gas Analyzer Sewerin Multitec 545
Biogas Analyzer 545 is a multi-gas detector with an infrared sensor and extended measuring range for hydrogen sulfide. With the Multitec 545, up to 5 gases can be measured simultaneously. Infrared measurements for methane and carbon dioxide eliminate the possibility of misleading results. The large screen makes it possible to quickly display all parameters at once. Measurement data is stored in a log file and can be easily transferred to a PC via USB connection.
  • Large-format matrix display with backlight
  • Portable Biogas Analyzer
  • Can analyze gas CH4, CO2, O2, H2S.
  • High precision
  • Can be used in conjunction with a Flow Meter and adjust automatically. When the composition of biogas changes
  • Explosion-proof according to ATEX standards
  • Rapid charging in 3 hours
  • EC sensor for hydrogen sulphide with wide measuring range (5000 ppm)

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