Products and Services

Products and Services

Gas Analyzer
AwiFLEX Cool+

Special Features AwiFLEX Cool +
Biogas Analysis With the Online System Measures gas Values Both Continuous and Intermittent.

Gas Analyzer

Special Features AwiECO
Compact, Cost-Effective Efficient and Standardized.

Gas Analyzer
Multitec 545

Special Features Gas Analyzer SEWERIN Can Analyze CH4, CO2, O2, H2S Gases – High Precision.

Gas Flow Meter

Special Features Gas Flow Meter
Measure the Mass Flow Rate, Does Not Affect the Pressure and Temperature Change

Microtector II G450

Special Features Microtector G450 It can Measure up to 4 gases Simultaneously: O2, H2S, CO and Combustion Gas. Large Display.

Flame Arrester KITO

Special Features Flame Arrester
Explosion Protection According to ATEX Standards, Suitable for Explosive Gas Group.

Gas Blower

Special Features Gas Blower
High Efficiency and Stability Low Maintenance.

Flare Gas

Special Features Flare Gas
Suitable for use in Biogas and Industrial Waste Gas Package Unit as Standard.

Flowmeter FLONET

Measure water flow in pipes DN 6 to DN 1200 (1/4″ to 48″).
in the industry, especially in the water industry in the chemical and food industry.

SUMA Agitator

SUMA is an industrial stirrer service provider. and pressure pump SUMA equipment is designed for use in liquid fermentation tanks. and secondary fermentation tanks In biogas plant systems, in particular, there is also a mixed stirring system using a pressure pump.


WANGEN pumps are perfect for industrial applications such as biogas, agriculture, wastewater, chemicals, paper, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, as well as mining and tunnel construction.