Gas Blower

Special features of the Gas Blower
Blower It is safe and stable according to ATEX ZONE 0,1,2 standards. can adjust the water direction On the suction and discharge side of the Blower, the sound is quiet – quiet. Because the propeller is aluminum and the casing is cast iron, consumes less electricity due to a small motor, does not require an inverter to adjust the cycle because it is a flat curve (Flow changes, but constant pressure). The gap between the propeller and the casing is very used for gas. dirty well There is a discharge point at the lowest point of the Blower.

  • High efficiency and stability
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise, environmentally friendly, in line with OSHA standards
  • Can withstand corrosion from sulfuric acid at a high concentration of 98%.
  • Explosion-proof according to ATEX, NEMA standards.

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